Tarnova investments operates as a management team of resources of private investments ("Private Equity"), identifying markets and chances of investment for private customers, executing asset sales and acquisitions for its customers and creating value through strategic and operational changes in the companies. When these are finally negotiated, capital is then returned to the investors.

Tarnova Investments has a differentiated activity that prioritizes the creation of value through private investments chances, derived from an extensive network of contacts.

Our philosophy is based on non speculative investments and the impartial commitment of the contracted shareholders of our company. The experience and network of relationships of the Tarnova executives

The Tarnova propitiate exclusive chances to our range of customers, facilitating growth and developing potential strategically partnerships.

The results of our work is the satisfaction of our enterprising customers, company shareholders and the continuation of a investment group that is used to evaluating futures projects with the quality stamp of Tarnova Investments.

Tarnova Investments developed an investment approach that contemplates the capital necessities and company changes as well as “ apportion of capital. The investments are aimed at companies who can be benefit of capital apportion and the support in the strategic restructure of operational and/or financial reorganization.

In some cases, significant minority investments are considered in conjunction with strategic investors that search for domestic and mainly international partners. Such strategy of investment is based on four differentiating factors:

Local presence and Team: The presence of key-people with excellent experience in the local market and vast International experience makes it possible for Tarnova to structure and execute complex operations, some of them demanding significant changes in control positions and in the managing team, strategy and operations of the company.

We consider the proximity with the company portfolio and with potential acquisition targets a key factor for the success of our efforts of developing operations and investment, bringing as a result good performance for our investors.

Flexible investment approach
The Tarnova Investments uses a more flexible approach for its customers, identifying quality companies that search to expand their operational and strategic horizons. Typical opportunities of investment are negotiated in private transactions that include situations such consolidations the capital for growth, minority significant positions and restructures.

Strategic and Operational changes through the implementation of significant strategic and operational changes, Tarnova Investments looks to create value for its customers and investors:

I. working with the managers of companies in the development of business oriented plans;
II. developing information systems that assist the efforts of cost reduction and revenue increase;
III. participating in the planning and monitoring the performance of the investments;
IV. positioning the company portfolio in the investment community to maximize its value

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